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Here at Dunston we believe Literacy skills are essential to our pupils’ ability to understand, interpret and communicate about the world and with each other. We teach them that writing is the ability to effectively communicate ideas, information and opinions through the written word, in a wide range of contexts by offering the opportunity to store information for later retrieval, to interact with others, to reflect and to express ideas creatively. Skilled writers understand the characteristics of writing’s many forms, and are able to adapt their style to suit a wide range of purposes and this is nurtured through each pupil’s learning journey. We facilitate this with an inspiring curriculum, high expectations, enriched opportunities and a clear purpose as to why they are writing.


We model writing and support children to:

Form letters correctly.

Develop a cursive style of handwriting.

Develop independence and understanding to make word and sentence choices.

Match the style of their writing to a wide range of audiences.

Structure their writing so that it is coherent.

Understand and develop their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Make the meaning of their writing clear to the reader.

Develop and extend their vocabulary so that they are able to express their ideas in writing and can engage the interest of the reader.

Enjoy and get excited by writing, recognising its value in the wider world.


Expectations are high and pupils develop through learning intentions, progressing in terminology and application of skills.