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New Covid Guidance - Feb 2022

Dear Parents & Carers


During February half-term new guidelines were issued regarding the changes to self-isolation and we are now moving towards a little more normality than we’ve had for a long time.

Although there is no longer a legal requirement to self-isolate, the guidelines do suggest that it is still good practice to stay away from school for 5 days if you have Covid.


The DfE wrote to schools sharing information which is detailed below.


Changes to self-isolation and daily testing of close contacts


From Thursday 24 February, the Government will remove the legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive test. Adults and children who test positive will continue to be advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for at least 5 full days, and then continue to follow the guidance until they have received 2 negative test results on consecutive days. In addition, the Government will:


No longer ask fully vaccinated close contacts and those aged under 18 to test daily for 7 days, and remove the legal requirement for close contacts who are not fully vaccinated to self-isolate.


Staff, children and young people should attend their education settings as usual. This includes staff who have been in close contact within their household, unless they are able to work from home.


You will see that the advice is for people who have Covid to remain at home for at least 5 full days and then follow the guidance until they have received two negative lateral flows. 


Although, as mentioned above, these are now guidelines rather than legal requirements, we hope that parents will choose to adhere to these guidelines. This will help to ensure that our staff remain covd-free and therefore able to continue to provide high quality education to your children. Your support will hopefully allow us to avoid a situation where, as before the half term break, we were struggling to staff our classes with the same supply teachers.


We are hoping to start to invite parents/carers into school more frequently from this next term but we would also ask parents to continue to wear masks when they are inside school, in order to help reduce the risk of transmission. 

The link to the latest guidance is below:

Many thanks


Mrs O’Hara