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Holidays during term time

You may be aware that the Government has made amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 which came into force on 1st September 2013. These state that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence for holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances; in these cases it is the Headteacher who determines the number of days a child can be away from school if the leave is granted.

As a consequence of these changes from September 2014 school will no longer be able to approve requests for leave of absence for reasons that are not considered to be special or exceptional such as:

•Availability of cheap holidays and cheap travel arrangements.

•Days overlapping with beginning or end of term

•Holidays arranged by other family members e.g. grandparents

Parents needing leave of absence for exceptional circumstances should complete a form at least two weeks before the anticipated start date. The reason for the request should be given in detail. Applications should be made before the leave is arranged as absences will not be granted retrospectively.

Please be reminded that this is Government policy and those who take their children on holiday without permission will incur unauthorised absences for their child. These remain on the child’s record and will be monitored for further action by the Education Welfare Service. Parents could be issued with a fixed penalty notice and/or court action.


Request Form for Leave with Exceptional Circumstances


Medicines In School


Because of the risks to others, children are not allowed to keep any medicines on their person or in their bags. This includes over the counter remedies such as throat sweets as well as actual medicine. Although this may seem extreme, it is possible that a child may come across these things and have an allergic reaction, or, in the case of our younger children, eat too many.

If your child has a cough or cold and would like to bring throat sweets to school, please bring to reception where the school office staff will be happy to look after them and give them to your child as and when needed.

In line with the Supporting Medicines in School Policy, staff are happy, with the correct consent forms, to administer most types of prescribed, general medication to children. Anti-biotics will be given where they are needed four or more times in a day. Please speak to office staff about any medication (including inhalers) your child may need. Consent forms are available from the school office, or can be downloaded below and brought into school. All consent forms need to be signed by parent/carer and school. 


Medicine consent form


Change of Details


If any of the details we hold on record for your child/ren change, or you wish to amend consent given, please inform us in writing. This can be done by collecting a form from the school office or downloading the form below.


Change of details form

Other Admin Forms


Nursery Application Form

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