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The children are now confidently learning maths using Maths Makes Sense, in the classroom, but… we need your help! To give children the best chance of becoming confident mathematicians, they need repeated practice with basic number skills. They need to know these skills by heart and to be able to use them easily. Maths Makes Sense provides a set of simple, fun games for children to play at home with you. They use dominoes, dice and playing cards. By playing these games at home, children will become more and more confident with number work, and they will enjoy showing you how to play the games!

Each game has a set of simple instructions for you and your child. Some of the games have been played in school, so your child may be able to show you what to do!

To access the games, please click on the relevant year group below.

We hope you enjoy playing them!



Match Dominoes

Match Numbers A

Match Numbers B

Match Numbers C

Roll a Dice and Add

Separate Diamonds and Clubs A

Separate Diamonds and Clubs B

Separate Diamonds and Clubs C


Year 1

Add Reds, Take Away Blacks

Match Dominoes to Score BIG Points

Match Dominoes To Score Points

Match Dominoes


Roll A Dice And Add

Roll Two Dice And Add

Roll Two Dice And Take Away

Roll Two Dice For Doubles

Score With Pairs

Separate Suits



Year 2

Add Reds, Multiply Blacks

Add Them Up!


Difference Dominoes

Divide The Pairs 1 to 5

Multiply The Pairs

Multiplying Dominoes

Roll 2 Dice And Divide

Roll 2 Dice And Find The Remainders

Roll 2 Dice And Multiply

Score With More Pairs

Snap 1 to 10

Snap With Adding

Take Them Away!


 Year 3

Add Reds, Multiply Blacks, 1 to 13

Divide The Pairs 1 to 5, Using Fractions

Divide The Pairs 1 to 5, Using Remainders

Divide The Pairs 1 to 10, Using Remainders

Dominoes Score By 4

Factors 3 and 5

Multiply The Pairs

Rolling One Dice For Vulgar Fractions

Rolling Two Dice For Decimals Greater Than One

Rolling Two Dice For Remainders

'Stick' Close to 11

'Stick' or 'Bust' up to 11


Year 4

Divide The Pairs

Division Dominoes

Dominoes Score

‘Stick’ or ‘Bust’ Up To 21

‘Stick’ Close to 21

Rolling Two Dice For Decimals Greater Than 1

Rolling Two Dice For Decimals

Rolling Two Dice For Vulgar Fractions

Stick Close

Stick or Bust


Year 5

Division Dominoes

Reduce 501

Rolling Four Dice for Multiplication and Addition

Rolling Two Dice for Decimals



Year 6

Adjust & Beware


Domino Bridges

Domino Squares

Dominoes Threes and Fives

Rolling 4 Dice

Rolling 4 Dice - Game 2

Trump It






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