School Governors have a range of responsibilities. They help plan the schools future direction and can thereby help raise the standards of pupil achievement.
Governors are accountable to parents and the wider community for the performance of the Academy.
Governing Boards are established by law as corporate bodies. Responsibility for actions and decisions lies with the whole governing board and NOT with individual members. 
Governors' visits should be undertaken as part of a strategic programme to:
  • Improve governor knowledge of school, its staff, needs, priorities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Monitor and assess the priorities as outlined in the development plan.
  • Assist the governing board in fulfilling its statutory duties.
 The Headteacher works closely with the Governing Board as its principal professional advisor. The Governing Board policy decisions will then be implemented by the Headteacher in the day-to-day running of the Academy.
Governor visits are NOT to assess the quality of teaching provision or to pursue issues that relate to the day to day management of the school other than as agreed with the Headteacher.
The Governing Board comprises representatives from the school staff, local community, Trust appointed members, parents and in some circumstances members of churches and other interest groups.

Community Governors

To represent the local community

Parent Governors

Usually parents of children attending the school

Staff Governors

Elected onto the Governing Board by staff at the school

Co-Opted Governors

Selected by the Trustees of the CLT board.

Associate Members

Appointed in an advisory capacity to enhance the experience or expertise of a committee


The Role of the School Governor

Our Governing bodies comprise of representatives of the school staff, parents and members of the community.
All Governors should contribute to the work of the Governing Body in raising standards of achievement for pupils which involves:
a) Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
b) Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its' pupils
c) Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure the money is well spent 


Dunston Primary and Nursery Academy Governing Board



Appointed By

Governor Role

Register of Interests

Term of Office

Tina Shewring Co-opted Governor Chair of Governors, Safeguarding and Curriculum link None

1/2/2018 To 31/1/2022

Angela Caulton Governing Body  

Derbyshire County Council Associate Advisor.

Museum Intelligence (Monitoring of projects HLF and education consultancy).


Retiring Date


Resigned February 2019

Fiona Parsons

Elected by Trust 

Vice Chair of Governors, Pupil Premium and assessment link CLT Trustee

1/2/2018 To 31/1/2022

M Parkinson

 Through Appointment as Headteacher

Headteacher None  03/09/2018
Katie Hanson Staff  Staff Governor None



Claire Kirwan Parents


Health and Safety Link None



Kerry Carranza

Elected by Parents

EYFS and Assessment link None

23/01/2018 To 22/01/2022

Frances Green


SEND link None

15/01/2019 To



GB Attendance 2017

GB Attendance 2016 - 2017

GB Attendance 2017 - 2018

Governance Statement 22nd March 2019 



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