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How will I know how my child is doing?

How will I know how my child is doing?


The needs of SEND pupils are monitored and reviewed in-line with the whole school assessment cycle. At this time the impact of the provision made for pupils is reviewed. Teachers and sometimes the SENCO will have the opportunity to meet with parents once each term (3 times a year) to discuss this.


Personal centred review and planning meetings

All pupils on our SEND Support list will have individual Action Plans setting out personalised targets and actions needed to achieve these. Pupil and parent views are integral to writing the plans which are based on a discussion around the effectiveness of support in place. For pupils with an EHCP or GRIP, provision will reflect the recommendations in their plan. These meetings will be an opportunity for parents to provide their views on their child’s progress as well as being able to hear feedback from the teacher. Central to the discussion will be the child’s likes/dislikes, their views and long term aspirations.


One Page Profiles

One Page Profiles are created with school staff, pupils and parents. These are used to share key information about SEND pupils and are revisited and reviewed as part of the transition process to a new class or school.


Pupil Progress Action Plans

Targets for SEND pupils are identified on the Pupil Progress Action Plans. Any provision made that is additional to and different from usual classroom provision is outlined on these plans.



In addition you will receive an annual report of progress towards the end of the academic year. If your child has a statement or Education Health and Care Plan (EHPC) they will have an additional annual review meeting, where the people working with your child will meet with you to discuss progress in a personal centred approach.