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Hello everyone, welcome to the class page for Eyam! πŸ‘‹πŸŒˆ Here, I hope you find all the useful information for our class:

- Important days and dates πŸ“…

- Our topics and areas of learning for each term πŸŽ¨πŸ§ͺπŸΊπŸ—ΊοΈπŸ“πŸ“

- Pictures of the exciting activities we have been up to πŸ“·


For anymore information that may be missing, please get in contact with us.


Useful information


Our PE day is Wednesday, please ensure you come in appropriate PE kit as we will be doing a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities.



Spellings are now on SpellingShed! Spelling tests will be every Friday. Once the test is done, a new list will be released so you have a week to practise.

Use this link SpellingShed Login Page to get logged on!




Our library trolley day is on Friday, remember to bring in your library books to change each week πŸ“š. The expectation is that you read every day. You can log your reading on Seesaw or record yourself reading so we can hear you.


Our class novel, this term is Fire Girl, Forest Boy by Chloe Daykin.


What are we learning this term? 

This term we are learning about:


In our science this term, we are learning about living things and their habitats.


We will learn:


  • To know the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird
  • To be able to describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.
  • To name, locate and explain the functions of the anther, ovary, ovule, petal, pollen, stigma, style and stamen in plants


In Geography we will learn about mountains. We will learn:



  • How hills and mountains form, where the major mountain ranges are, the appeal of climbing hills in the Peak District and the impact they have on those living and  working near them


In Maths we will be learning about:


  • Decimals – adding and subtracting decimals (Y5)
  • Properties of shape – angles (Y5)
  • Position and Direction – coordinates in the first quadrant, translation, symmetry, reflection of shapes (Y5)
  • Measurement- converting units( Y6)
  • Volume (Y5)
  • Volume of cubes and cuboids
  • Calculate, estimate and compare volume of cubes and cuboids using standard units
  • Interpret pie charts and line graphs
  • Pie charts with percentages
  • Calculate the mean as an average
  • Ratio and proportion - Solve problems involving the relative sizes of two quantities where missing values can be found by using integer multiplication and division facts.
  • Solve problems involving similar shapes where the scale factor is known or can be found.
  • Problems solving – currency unit conversions, cooking and baking, scaling problems, measurement conversions, money problems including real life tax problems


In English we will be reading and writing about:



  • Narrative poetry – The Highwayman

  • Setting description
  • Character description
  • Narrative writing
  • Shakespeare – Macbeth

  • Play study
  • Journalistic Writing
  • Newspaper report


For more information about what we are learning, please click on the curriculum link below.

Class newsletters

Please find below Eyam class newsletters!

Self portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo

A great session with Shape - We practised our accuracy, balance, communication and reaction times.

Science investigation - separating a mixture, what methods could we use?

World Book Day - Buddy Reading

World Book Day 2022 - Potato Parade

Boogie Bounce

Henry Moore - Underground Tunnel Art

WW2 writing - Battle of Britain non-chronological reports

Visit to Newbold Observatory


We had so much fun at the Observatory on Monday. It was amazing to get to look out of a real telescope! We also found out some very interesting facts about Space. The team at Chesterfield Observatory were extremely impressed with the children and their extensive space knowledge

We had a brilliant time at the Christmas Fair! We loved making our hook a penguin game, it was very popular - super job everyone :D

Halloween fun, check out our pumpkins!

Our Ancient Greek Paper Mache Vases!

Day in the lIfe of an Ancient Greek!