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Mr Hobson. 

Useful information


Our PE day will be on Wednesday. Please can pupils come to school in their PE kit, making sure that it is suitable for the colder months as we will be doing PE outside as much as we can.


Our library trolley day is on Tuesday, remember to bring in your library books to change on Tuesday.


Our spelling test day is on a Tuesday - remember to bring in your spelling test books.

Our Learning this term

We are learning all about Ancient Greece this term. We will learn all about how the Ancient Greeks have impacted on our modern world.

We will:

  • Know where Ancient Greece falls on a timeline, in relation to previous areas of History they have studied
  • Know the characteristics of Athenians and Spartans
  • Know how Gods and Goddesses influenced Ancient Greece
  • Know the origins of the Olympics and how the sports then vary from today’s modern-day Olympics


In Maths we will be learning:


  • Place Value – numbers to 1,000, 000
  • Rounding and Ordering
  • Negative numbers
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division (Y6)
  • Inverse operations


In English we will be reading and writing about:

  • Setting description of Ancient Athens
  • Greek Myths and Legends – The Trojan Horse – Diary Writing
  • Greek Myths and Legends – Theseus and the Minotaur- Narrative
  • Battle of Marathon – Persuasive speech/ green screening
  • Non – chronological Report
  • Ancient Greek Gods - Persuasive writing


Our class novel, this term is Who Let the Gods out by Maz Evans.


For more information about what we are learning, please click on the curriculum link below.



Our Super Start Day


We dressed up as Ancient Greeks and learned all about Ancient Greece - we tasted foods, built Greek columns and carried out our own mini Greek Olympics.